Child Development Evaluation

Topics: Breast milk, Lactation, Breastfeeding Pages: 1 (872 words) Published: May 8, 2013
I planned my work out successfully, and it helped me throughout my controlled assessment. It helped me develop my knowledge and understanding of, what my work was about and also what to include in my article. It helped me to use my 7 hours of work time effectively and organise my work so I could finish the assessment on time. Planning made the assessment task alot easier, I already knew what topics I was going to include in my article, and how I was going to write about them. Also in my plan I included the resources I used to complete my article, these resource helped me to in include all the right information in my article and also helped my widen my knowledge on the breast vs. bottle subject. I used ‘Lonsdale Essenentials Child Development Revision Guide’ and some websites from the internet. I mainly used these two websites: and Both websites gave me gave me the majority of my information about bottle and breast feeding. I used some of my own knowledge but mainly from the kid’s health website, because it had detailed information. I picked out the key information, and added the advantages and disadvantages of both. The NHS website gave me some of my information but I didn’t think it gave all of the right information and was not detailed enough. Also at the end of the article I added three Mothers point of views on the topic, this information was written from the point of view of someone who has already been a mother and been through the breast vs. bottle topic. I thought that this may make the person reading the article feel involved and reassured. Before starting the controlled assessment task, we had done no work on the breast vs. bottle feeding topic; therefore we had to research it by ourselves. I also did extra research in my spare time as I felt that my article information would benefit from...
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