Child Development

Topics: Psychology, Childhood, Sociology Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: June 1, 2013
* 2.1 Describe with examples the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development A child or young person’s development can be effected by more many areas of their life such as: * Background - like the child or young person’s housing, family, culture and maybe even their families. If a child has problems at home such as mourning in the family or financial problems this may cause an impact on the child as they are worry about ‘ what will happen?’, this will effect that emotional and intellectual development. If the child is worrying this may cause lack of sleep causing problem with the child’s concentration in class. This could also make the child anxious causing some problem in their health.

Another effect on their development could be their culture, as some cultures will not allow the child to interact with others that are not of their same religion, this can cause an impact on their social development and understanding others around them. For example those who are Jehovah witness’s are not allowed to eat with other children unless they are one as well, this can cause problems with their communication with other children and interaction with them too.

Family is another effect on a child’s development. If a child has a small family they may find it easier to interact with other members of the family than someone who has a large number of relatives. Large families have problem with socialising as they try to get attention onto them while they are giving attention to a new baby or new member of the family. This may cause emotional development to lack as the child or young person may feel that they are un-loved and not getting the affection they desire.

* Environment – Depending where the child lives their outside area can be effected on their development. Temperature, Noise, light and even technology can be a huge impact on the child’s development.

The outside area of where the child lives can affect the child’s...
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