Child by Tiger

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, Human skin color Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: October 18, 2011
The Child by Tiger
1. The Child by Tiger by Thomas Wolfe is a short story based around a black man, Dick Prosser in the setting of the South. Dick endures racial oppression as a black man in a white community. He was an incredible black man that had many talents most blacks didn't have and lives as a white man whose skin color marks him as black. Eventually, after society turns against him, he goes on a killing rampage. Dick desired to be accepted by the whites who were the majority of his society, but after a while, couldn't bear the social wall that separated the two races. His sudden eruption of violence was undetected by the community that had been unaware of the damage they had done. He transforms from being the lamb, an innocent creature, to a tiger by the end of the story. 2. The story was written in the first person point of view, narrated by Spangler. Spangler was a friend of Randy’s and was close to Dick. Randy, Nebraska and Spangler had close ties with Dick and were all close friends. Having it narrated only by Spangler, the reader imagines and reads only what he sees, thinks and the way the recounts the events of that time twenty-five years earlier. With Spangler telling the story, the story unfolds in the way that he remembers and how he feels which could be completely different than the way a different character remembers or how they felt. It also affects that way that the reader perceives certain characters such as Dick in certain scenes. If it were someone else, the story may have the same plot to it, however that story as a whole would be very different and have different events occurring in the story. 3. Throughout the story, there were little to no dialogue in the story, it was mainly Spangler telling the story with dialogue that was said to him by either the town or by Dick. When there was dialogue there were very little conversations, mainly sentences or thoughts said by a character such a Dick. With there being little...
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