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Of Mice & Men Chapter Questions

Chapter 1

1) Look at the way both Lennie and George are first described. How is this initial description fitting when we find out more about each man? 2) Is the relationship between George and Lennie one of friendship, or does George only feel obligated to take care of Lennie? What evidence can you find to support either conclusion? 3) Why does Lennie have the dead mouse? Why does George take it away? 4) What happened at the last place where Lennie and George worked? 5) Describe the dream George and Lennie share for their future. Why is it so important to both men?  

Chapter 2

1) How is the bunk house described? What does the description tell the reader about the men who live there? 2) What do we find out about Curley, his wife, and his father through George's discussions with others. 3) How would you describe Curley and his wife? What do their actions tell you about each of their characters? 4) Re-read Steinbeck's description of Slim (p. 37). What does this description tell you about Slim's character? Is he a man to be trusted and looked up to? 5) What is Lennie eagerly talking about on page 40?


Chapter 3

1) What are Carlson's reasons for shooting Candy's dog?
2) What are Candy's reasons for not shooting the dog?
3) In what ways is Candy like his dog?
4) What does the fight between Lennie and Curley show about their characters? 5) Why doesn't George help Lennie in the fight?

Chapter 4

1) What does Crook's room and the things in it tell you about his character? 2) What does Crooks say to Lennie about loneliness?
3) Why would Crooks react so negatively to Lennie, then let him in anyway? 4) Why does Crooks torture and taunt Lennie about George?
5) Why is Crooks called "Crooks"? How does this reflect his personality?  

Chapter 5

1) How have Curley's wife's dreams for her life changed or been lost? 2) Why does Curley's wife tell Lennie about "the letter"? What do you think the letter...
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