Child Beauty Pageants

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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• It took the murder of his six-year-old beauty queen daughter for John Ramsey to see the harm in child beauty pageants. • I am here today because I do not want you to make the same mistake as John Ramsey did. • I am here today to protect the individuality and freedoms of our children. • I am here today to help you develop and cherish good, healthy relationships with your children. • Children who are involved with beauty pageants are much more likely to resent their parents later on, for forcing them to partake in a harmful event. • Child beauty queens are their parents’ pets—they don’t make their own decisions and they follow their parents’ demands. • Child beauty pageants are corrupting to children because they destroy the children’s individuality and creativity, and cause a great deal of harm to children. • The children are corrupted constantly, who are too young to understand the damage that is being done. • Harm corrupts the subconscious minds of pageant parents. • Harm corrupts the childhoods of pageant children and demolishes their individuality, forcing them into lives predetermined by their parents. • The sexualization of children, combined with monstrous amounts of stress and pressure, produces the ugliness that is the pageant world. • While parents might think it’s cute to dress up their child in sexy clothes, it sexualizes the children at a young age, and is mentally damaging. • Child beauty queens are their parents’ dolls—they get to dress them up and make the children “beautiful.” • Child psychologists say that child beauty queens can develop eating disorders at a young age. • Dolls model what child beauty queens aspire to be like and look like. • Dolls convince parents of what their children should be. • Dolls are what parents turn their children into. • They become deeply concerned with body...
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