Child Beauty Pageants

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Stop the Abuse
It is no surprise that every girl, young and old, wants to be or at least feel beautiful. But it is a surprise when self-destruction and low self-esteem defines the word beauty. We ask ourselves, why is this happening? Why are there so many headlines in newspapers about young girls committing suicide? It’s time to stop asking why and start asking what the problem is. What is the cause of the issue and is there any way to solve it? There can be many roots to the problem but the one I want to focus on in this paper is children beauty pageants. Some people think that beauty pageants are good for children but I personally do not think children should participate in beauty pageants because they create a pathway to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and can be more easily targeted by predators. Parents think that they are doing them well but in reality, the child competing is being deprived from a normal childhood and the parents are only harming them. The children are being taught that their body and attractiveness will determine how pretty they are and that sexuality at a young age is a good quality.

Beauty pageants focus a lot on appearance and on how you present yourself. I believe that everyone is beautiful and I strongly believe that beauty comes within and not from the outside. However, children who grow up in the pageant industry, start to learn that a big part of the competition has to do with your physical attraction. Now, there are little girls wearing fake eyelashes with cakey faces because excessive makeup will make you look “prettier”. However, why change the concept when beauty pageants did not require any makeup when they first started. What happens when the child is older and gets acne or needs braces. Since the perception of perfection and beauty has already been painted to them, they no longer think of themselves as beautiful. What happens when they gain a little weight and get points deducted for not complimenting the outfit they...
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