Chief Sunrise

Topics: Baseball, Major League Baseball, San Francisco Giants Pages: 4 (1013 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Chief sunrise,
John Mcgraw,
And Me

By Timothy Tocher

Book Report By: Yuvi Narang

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Chief Sunrise, John McGraw, and Me
By: Timothy Tocher
Book Report By: Yuvi Narang


15 year old Hank Cobb meets Chief Sunrise “the greatest Indian baseball player on a baseball diamond. Chief Sunrise is trying to meet John McGraw, (the manager of the New York Giants) so he could play with the Giants. Then Hank decided he would come with Chief Sunrise. They went on train that was going to going to go to New York from Florida, Gainesvillie Park. They had met somebody named Conway who was a baseball friend. Chief Sunrise and Hank needed money for food so they decided to help Conway to get money. It was morning and Hank was starving so they got waffles, Hank didn’t like those waffles but it was fine to keep him full. While they were helping Conway they talked about Chief Sunrise playing in the majors with the Giants and the train to New York but Conway said “the train left yesterday morning”. Chief Sunrise and Hank were worried about Chiefs tryout (conflict).

This evening there was another train to New York they got the ticket and left. When they reached they went to the stadium where a game with the giants was happening. When they were in the stadium they saw McGraw and asked him for a tryout and he said yes tomorrow morning at ten this field. Chief Sunrise and Hank were happy.

Tomorrow morning McGraw said “go in the cage, I will be there”. Chief sunrise was throwing very fast pitches where ever hank was moving the target. McGraw asked “anything else”, Chief sunrise was throwing deadly fast balls. Then McGraw said “you’re in the Giants”. Tomorrow was baseball game. Chief was the starting pitcher for the Giants. He would always get three strikes and the batters would always get homeruns. The Giants won 8-0.

They were going to play the prisoners at sing sing. The Yankees and Phillies had played them and beat...
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