Chief of State

Topics: Texas, George W. Bush, Rick Perry Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: February 17, 2013

Have you ever wondered, What does it mean to be The Governor of the State of Texas? Or maybe you would someday like to be The Governor of the State of Texas. Although the Governor of the State of Texas is not the most important official, he is an important one. I have chosen to write about this topic and explain everything there is to know about this important person. I specifically will be writing about The Governor of the State of Texas.

So how do you get to be this important person? In order to become Governor of the State of Texas, the selected individual must be elected indirectly by citizens of the State of Texas by winning the majority of the votes, and then once the individual passes this stage they must take an oath on Inauguration day in January. This is the final steps to confirm the individual in taking the steps required to become Governor of the State of Texas. Governors have to be a minimal of thirty years of age when they assume office, an American citizen, and a citizen of Texas for five years prior to election. The average age of a governor at inauguration has been forty to sixty years of age. The governor will be successful in business or law, in fact, over half of the governors who have served in this century have been lawyers. They will also have a record of elective public service in state government or some other source of name recognition, and be a participant in service, social, and occupational organizations. Most governors in the past have been male. The only female governor of Texas before Ann Richards (1991 – 1995) was Miriam Ferguson (1925 – 1927 and 1933 -1935). All the former governors had been white Protestants, usually Methodist or Baptist. They have also been Anglo,...
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