An Explanation of the New York Budget Passed with the Help of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Topics: United States, Same-sex marriage, Legislatures Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Hwan Cho4/3/12

Cuomo, Admitting Setbacks, Says He Asked for the Moon
In this article Cuomo, Admitting Setbacks, Says He Asked for the Moon by Danny Hakim, John Eligon, and Thomas Kaplan explains the New York budget which was passed with the help of Governor Andrew Cuomo. It starts off with how last year rookie Gov. Cuomo accomplished a great deal by taming the legislatures up in Albany and passed against all odds the same sex marriage bill. However this year it was a totally different story. One of his promises during his campaign was that he wouldn’t allow gerrymandering district, however he had to succumb to that in order for the budget bill to pass. Critics are saying that gerrymandering protects the incumbents and are unfair to black and Latinos. Also by signing this, it will be in effect until 2020. However out of this he did manage to achieve a pension change with the minimum age now starting at 63 and a lower payout. The governor was also able to manage to start the process for another amendment that would allow as many as seven casinos to start in the state. This article is important because it shows us Cuomo making an attempt to get the budget out on time. We see that Cuomo has also come back to reality with the fact that unlike last year where he seemed to control the legislature and even got the same sex marriage bill out of the state senate, he has had to give concessions and caved into promises he has made. The article shows us how politics work up in Albany with many times deals being struck the last minute and three men really having all the power the governor, Assembly speaker, and Senate Majority Leader. This article is also related to class. We have learned in class about the governor and the legislature. We see here that all three of these men coming together and how much influence they really have with the Governor the leader of the state, Speaker in charge of the NYS Assembly, and Majority Leader in charge of the NYS Senate....
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