Chicken Wing Dissection

Topics: Bone, Dissection, Muscle Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Chicken Wing Dissection Lab

Purpose: To find and pair six different muscles in the chicken wing, in order to observe and understand the details of how muscles are involved in movement.

Dissecting Pan
Chicken Wing
Surgical Gloves

1. First, I put on my surgical gloves.
2. Then, I gathered all of the materials needed for this lab. 3. Before dissecting, I noted how the chicken wing appeared. I recorded these characteristics. 4. I then began the dissection by skinning the chicken wing. This allowed me to observe the fascia. 5. After skinning the chicken to the point where I could see the epimysium, I began using the forceps to pull on the individual muscles. 6. Once I found the different muscles that cause movement, I took notes and drew diagrams of the muscles. I then labeled which muscle was contracting and which was relaxing. I also labeled which muscle was the flexor and which was the extensor. 7. After finishing all of the directions given, I then disposed of my chicken wing in the designated trash can. 8. Then, I washed my dissection pan, forceps, and lab station. 9. Finally, after everything was completed, I washed my hands with soap and water.

External Diagram:

Internal Diagrams:

External & Internal Functions and Descriptions:

Name of Part| Function| Description|
Skin| Protection| White/Yellow color, fat-like|
Feather Follicles| Holds the feathers| Little Bumps, hair-like| Cartilage| Acts as a cushion between joints. Prevents bones from rubbing against each other.| Cloudy, almost clear layer at the ends of the bone, tough.| Bone| Support, protection, give muscles a place to attach, makes blood in marrow, stores calcium and other materials.| Very hard, grayish-white in color, strong, connected to muscles.| Muscle| Movement, maintain posture, maintain body temperature (shivering).| Striated, pinkish, soft compared to cartilage.| Fat| Source of energy, insulation.|...
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