Chicboy Marketing Plan

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Chic-Boy™ is a new trademark and business model of Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corporation, the company behind the successful Pier One Bar and Grill restaurant chain in the Philippines. It is a quick-service restaurant that is a "cut above" fast food, with a cult-like following. Our concept focuses on quality, variety and service. Chic-boy’s pride is its Cebu Lechon Manok and Cebu Lechon Liempo marinated and stuffed with her band spices and charcoal broiled to juicy and tasty perfection. * Objectives

The main objective of Chic-Boy is to provide people/ their customers with great foods at affordable prices, provide convenience by allowing family reunions and get together. And last but not the least, one of their objectives is to expand the business by providing and allowing franchise. * THE FRANCHISOR-FRANCHISEE RELATIONSHIP

Franchisor shall provide Franchisee with specifications for brands and types of any equipment, fixtures and furniture required for the Franchised Facility, The Franchisor will provide supplies such as products, equipment and materials previously designed and provided by the Franchisor to be used in the Franchised Facilities and “services” that includes, but is not limited to, consistent innovation and renovation of products and processes, in-store audit checks related to the consistent practices of hygiene, safety, and proper implementation of pre-defined pharmacy practices and methods, also training and assistance program will be given. * Responsibilities of the Franchisee

The responsibility of the franchisee will focus on the continuing services and royalty fees, accounting and records, standards of quality and performance. * PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
The company offers a wide variety of meals such as Chiquito Meals, Chibog-Busog Meals, Cebu Lechon, Magandand Umaga Meals, Sphagetamis, Japanese, Appetizers, Merienda, Desserts, Soup, Sizzling Specials and etc. Most meals are served with house soup and unlimited rice, they also offer bottomless iced tea. They also give customers fried garlic for free.


* Management Team
The owner is considered as the General Manager of one store. In every store the highest position that is handling the daily production is their respective Supervisors. .
* Staffing
The newly franchised Chic-Boy outlet will be hiring 11 staffs consisting of the cooks, crews, cashiers and security guard. * Strategic Partner and Professional Support
As for strategic partner, the company will be provided with general contractors will be responsible for the store equipments, maintenance and physical attributes and design of the store, and as for professional support, an accountant to head the accounting and financial side of the company. * Gantt Chart

As for the schedule of activities of the company, Chic-Boy will have a one year preparation before it will formally open. The given month will be from September 2012- September 2013.


* Hours and Days of Operation
The proposed Chic-Boy outlet will be operating for seven (7) times a week, sixteen (16) hours a day. The store hours will be from 7:00 am up to 10:00 pm * Layout and Facilities
The store will be at least 200sqm. It will have a second floor to accommodate the number of customers. The chairs and tables will be arranged as to allow the customers to still walk in between the them even if ther are a lot of customers. * Licensing, Permitting & Other Regulatory Issues

Getting the required business license and permits for Chic-Boy is a necessary step to ensure that the business is abiding the bylaws. It needs some kind of business license or permit to run the business legally. Chic-boy will get first clearance and permit before heading to the Securities and Exchange in Commission. * Operating...
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