Chemistry Percent Composition Report

Topics: Mathematics, Mixture, Analytical chemistry Pages: 3 (546 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Percent Composition Report
By using seperation techniques properly, the 3 substance such as; water, sand, and salt can be seperated and the percent composition of each substance. Which will then be calculated theoritically and after comparison with the actual result, the accuracy of the 2 result can be found. Aim:

The aim of this experiment is to compare the gravimetric result of the original mixture and the separated substance. The other objective is to calculate each percent composition of the substance that was in the mixture. Introduction:

Percent composition is about calculating the percentage of a specific substance in a mixture or compound. It is used mostly to calculate the percentage of an element in a compound using moles. To find percent composition in a mixture, the first thing need to be done is by using separation technique to separate the substances. In this experiment, by knowing that salt is soluble in water and salt do not, determining the technique that is to be used is not a difficulty anymore. Finding composition is also important in daily lives, such as finding impurities in a material such as gold. People have found that most golds are not completely composed of gold, but it is also composed of other elements which becomes an alloy. It involves basic mathematical calculation, but the percentage that is found can be beneficial for the researcher depending on his intentions on what to do with it. Materials:

-Mixtures of sand and salt
-Filter paper
- Filter tunnel
-Filtration apparatus
-Wired gauze

- The beaker, evaporating disk, filter paper, and the mixture is weighted using the provided equipment -Water is then added into the mixture which was in the beaker -The whole mixture that was poured by water is stired

-The equipments for filtration was prepared
-The mixture was poured to the filter paper and was allowed to be filtered -The sand residue was taken to the...
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