Chemistry Igcse

Topics: Heat, Temperature, Combustion Pages: 6 (1111 words) Published: April 8, 2013

Name:Alessia Rovegno
Class: S3scA
Teacher: Mr tinwin

Experiment number: Ch 3

Title: Which is the Best Fuel?

Mark awarded:

C1 Coursework checklist (Following instructions)
| Needed for| Student| Teacher| Comments|
Follows written, diagrammatic or oral instructions to perform a single practical operation –measures water vol| 2| | | | Use familiar apparatus and materials adequately and safely – safety glasses| 4| | | | Follows written, diagrammatic or oral instructions to perform an experiment involving a series of step by step practical operations – flame at same distance from can| 4| | | | Use familiar apparatus, materials and techniques adequately and safely – weighs fuel before and after burning.| 4| | | | Follow instructions involving a series of practical operationsModify or adjust one step in the light of the effect of a previous step -| 6| | | | Use apparatus, materials and techniques methodically, correctly and safely- temp reading every 30s| 6| | | | C1| C2| C3|

| | |

Mark your work yourself before you hand it in ()

C2 Coursework checklist (Results)
| Needed for| Student| Teacher| Comments|
Numerical results recorded| 2| | | |
Table includes values of independent variable| 4| | | | Table includes values of dependent variable| 4| | | |
Appropriate heading for each variable| 4| | | |
Heading includes the correct units| 6| | | |
Numbers for each variable to an appropriate and consistent number of decimal places| 6| | | |

C3 Coursework checklist (Graph, Anomalies, Conclusion)
| Needed for| Student| Teacher| Comments|
Graph of results attempted| 2| | | |
Conclusion based on results | 2| | | |
Graph is correct type (scatter or bar) Whole page A4.| 4| | | | Variables are on the correct axes| 4| | | |
Axes are labelled with units| 4| | | |
Identifies anomalies on graph or table| 4| | | |
Conclusion describes a pattern | 4| | | |
Points plotted correctly| 6| | | |
Appropriate best fit line| 6| | | |
Appropriate scale for the axes| 6| | | |
Anomalous results dealt with appropriately and explained| 6| | | | Explains possible sources of error | 6| | | |
Conclusion describes with reasoning pattern(s) in the data| 6| | | |

Comparing Fuels
IGCSE Coursework
Skills C1, C2 & C3

The aim of this experiment is to compare three fuels, wax, wood, and ethanol, and determine which is the best to use as a heat source. Imagine you have to choose a fuel to keep your house warm. What factors would you consider to decide on the best fuel?

Prediction: I think that ethanol is the best use of heat source because it is a substance very flammable.


1. Clamp a metal can above the base of the stand and add 100ml of water. 2. Measure the initial temperature of the water and record appropriately. 3. Collect an ethanol burner and find the mass.

4. Start burning the ethanol beneath the can of water and take the temperature every 30s for 4 minutes, stirring gently with the thermometer. 5. Extinguish the flame and find the mass of the ethanol burner. 6. Change the water in the can and measure the initial temperature. 7. Repeat the procedure using a candle, and then using 4 wooden splints that you should hold beneath the can of water. All flames should be at same distance from can being heated. You need to ensure that a fair test is carried out. Remember to record any modifications in your report. 8. Record your results neatly.

Analysis of data:

* Use a graph to show how the temperature of the water changes for each fuel. * Explain the shapes of the graphs and any difference between them. * Determine the temperature increase if you were to burn 1 gram of each fuel. * Comment on any results that seem to be...
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