Chemical Industry of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Chemical Industry at a Glance:
Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC), a state owned enterprise, is the pioneer in chemical industry in Bangladesh with concentration in producing fertilizer, acids, alkali, ammonia, chlorine, paper, pulp, rayon, bleaching powder etc. However, private sectors have rather been enthusiastic in chemical and allied products namely: pharmaceutical products, paints and varnishes, edible oil processing, soaps and detergents, cosmetic and toiletries etc.

Chemicals Industries in Bangladesh belong to mainly Chlor-Alkali Plant & its Chlorinated product and Hydrogen peroxide plant. Main products are Caustic Soda,Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Stable Bleaching Power, Chlorinated Paraffin Wax and Hydrogen Peroxide. These chemicals products are now being supplied through import and local production. Only four /five companies produce basic chemicals locally nemed ASM Chemical Industries Ltd., Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd, Samuda Chemical Complex ltd., Tasnim Chemical Complex and HP Chemicals.

Chemical sector of our country was too much import dependent. Traders were predominant in the market. In Bangladesh, there are only four caustic soda manufacturing projects that can meet the demand. Group Profile :

GHCL is a concern of Opsonin Group, which started its journey in 1956 by Late Abdul Khaleque with “Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd.” The same was later renamed as “Opsonin Pharma Ltd.” in 2005. The Group business is now successfully being led by three sons of Late Mr. Khaleque. At present the eldest son- Mr. Abdus Sabur Khan is the Chairman of the Opsonin Group. Currently the Group has 6 major concerns; GHCL, Opsonin Pharma Ltd., Opso Saline Ltd, Global capsules Ltd, Crescent Chemicals, Jokky Garments. All the business units of the Group are managed and controlled under the umbrella of common control mechanism of the Group being guided and supervised by the Chairman. Global Heavy Chemicals Limited (GHCL)

In the beginning of 21st Century, GHCL started its journey as the first private sector Chlore-Alkali Industry in Bangladesh. Significantly related to all the hopes and expectations of the new century, GHCL has energized the vision to open new horizon for industrial development in the country.Its authorized Capital is BDT 100.00 (One Hundred) Crore and present paid-up capital is BDT 60.00 (Sixty) Crore.Company detail are given below:

Major Milestones of the Company:
Date of incorporation as Private Limited Company 19 September 2000 Date of Commencement of business as Private Limited Company 19 September 2000 Date of commercial operation October 15, 2002

Conversion date from Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company 16 September 2010

Factory Location
Global Heavy Chemicals Limited (GHCL) is located on the southern part of Dhaka district in Hasnabad union under Keraigonj Upazilla on the south side of the river Buriganga. GHCL has setup its production unit on 9.9567 acres of land.

Major product and capacity description:
Sl No.Name of the ProductInstalled capacity (MT/Year)Capacity UtilizationUtilization (%) 1Caustic Soda 19,000 12,35065%
2Liquid Chlorine Gas 16,150 9,690 60%
3Hydrochloric Acid 32,400 29,160 90%
4Sodium Hypochlorite 1,600 1,280 80%

Uses of Products:
Textile Dyeing & Knitting Dyeing & Toiletries Industries •Water treatment plant for pH control
Pulp and paper processing industry
Soap hydrolysis of animal vegetable oils and fats, detergents industry etc. •Pharmaceutical Industry
Rayon industry in the process of rayon from bleached wood pulp. •Food industry for washing, cleaning, refining of animal and vegetable oils to remove fatty...
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