Market Plan of Pran Juice

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Pran-RFL Group is the largest food and Nutrition Company of Bangladesh founded in 1981.

Company Profile
Type| Private|
Industry| Food processing|
Founded| 1981|
Founder(s)| Maj Gen (retd) Amjad Khan Chowdhury|
Headquarters| Pran-RFL Center, 105, Progoti Sarani, Middle Badda, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh| Area served| South Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, Middle East| Key people| Maj Gen (retd) Amjad Khan Chowdhury (CEO)|

Products| Juice, Beverage, Drink, Confectionery, Culinery, Snacks, Biscuits and Bakery, Dairy| Revenue| Bangladeshi Taka 1 Billion [1]|
Employees| 30,000|

Distinctive Competencies

Competitive Advantage:
* According to the information from different sources “Pran” is now the market leader in the juice sector of soft drinks market. Its hold 43% market share in their hand. This company is in this market for several years. For this reason the brand name is well established and their distribution channel is relatively better than other allied industries. This is the great competitive advantage for Pran Group.

* Our product in quality which is unique in the Juice & soft drinks market. Customer will not be able to feel the same way for the other Juice & soft drinks in the market.

SWOT Analysis:
* Huge food & drinks Varity.
* Food & drinks quality is good.
* Mainly Bangladeshi customer based.
* Product availability is more.
* Brand Image: The name Pran itself the premier beverage brand image. It has been able to create enormous goodwill by its quality product all over Bangladesh. * Innovative Product: There are lots of soft drinks and juice product like mango juice, oranges juice etc are available in Bangladesh. But no one is come out with Coconut juice. Since it is the first product in Bangladesh, it has much more probability to achieve success. * Cost advantage: Already Pran provides various types of beverage product offerings to its customer and thus satisfies the needs of various customer segments. Therefore, as the organization has a lot of customers, its operational costs go down. * Pricing: We do not take high price as other juices are taken in Bangladesh. We think that the price is quite reasonable to be succeeded. Weakness:

* External threats: Too much competition from international organizations, for example Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, RC-Cola, Virgin Cola, Rasna (India), Shezan (Pakistan) etc. * Internal weaknesses: Large size of the business and workforce makes it difficult to manage perfectly. As a result it often causes internal conflict.

* Potential customer.
* Converting non user.
* Production cost is low then others.
* Offer different packages.
* Existing competitor of the current market is not that much strong which the pran company has. * Pran can be export to other countries.
* Existing distribution channel is being used.
* High growth rate in this industry.
* Direct competitor (Arong, Bd food)
* Selective Low price from competitor.
* Wide Varity (BD FOOD
* Competitor can produce the same product.
* Political instability, economy etc.
* New innovation from other competitors could be a threat. Product Review:
Among many of their products PRAN’s main product is their fruit juice and fruit drinks, which is very popular among the existing market. The product line is: * Fruit juice in glass bottle (returnable):

It is hygienically produced by state-of-the-art machinery. Available in mango flavor, made from fresh local ripe mangoes. * Fruit juice in glass bottle (non-returnable):
This category of juice is found in non-returnable glass bottle in flavors of mango, guava and orange. * Fruit juice in aseptic pack:
Available flavors in this category are: mango, lemon, orange, pineapple, guava and mango-pine. * Fruit juice in can:
The fruit juices in cans are hygienically...
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