Cheating Death

Topics: Brothers Grimm, God, Poverty Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Cheating Death
Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s short story “Godfather Death” is about a man who fathers twelve children comes to father thirteen. Unfortunately the man cannot afford to feed his thirteenth child, so he sets out to find a godfather for the child so he will be taken care of. The man does not want the good Lord to be the godfather because he believes the Lord does not properly distribute wealth and poverty. The man does not want the Devil to be the godfather either because he believes the Devil tricks mean and leads them astray. The man decides that Death will be the godfather because he makes all men equal and takes the rich and the poor without distinction. As the boy grows older Death teaches the boy to be doctor and giving him the power to heal people with an herb. The boy becomes rich and famous because he can determine his patients fate just by looking at them. Death decides whether the patient lives or dies but the doctor gets the credit and is well known for his power. The doctor decides to disobey Death to save the king and his daughter. The doctor thought he could cheat Death because Death was his godfather, but Death had warned him that disobidence would lead to his death. The doctor thought he could easily cheat death because of their relationship, but his attempts to deceive Death lead to him falling into the hands of Death ( Jakob and Grimm 12-14).
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