Chaucerize Poem

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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When the sun falls down the glistening lake
That’s when the nocturnal beasts come awake.
Sharp, triangular teeth better known as fangs
Pop out when the feet of the bats hangs.
Taken by a mistress’s wrist, the blood drips
On to the beast’s drenched and red colored lips.
After all, sleeping for hours all day and morning,
Can leave them hungry; let this be a warning.
They’re afraid of sunlight, garlic, and holy water
The job for a father was to protect his precious daughter.
The pointless mirrors were frustrating on shelves,
For the beast had no sight of a reflection himself.
A mortal being couldn’t possibly think
To stake the beast’s heart as fast as a blink.
These blood-thirsty creatures contained superhuman strength, They could pick up a mountain and throw it miles length.
They were also rapidly faster than lightening
They will catch you in a millisecond, how frightening.
Secretive and insidious these monsters were
And it was the young, beautiful ladies they’d prefer.
Waiting for the mayor’s daughter to come out at night,
He’d compel her to not scream, and take a big bite.
For he is only in need for warm blood,
So much for his thirst, he’d create a small flood.
These enigmatic creatures would never leave their traces behind, So no one in the world would know about their kind.
For getting away with their criminal actions,
Mortal beings would have a memorable reaction.
And to finally heighten the pain from their grief,
These vampires they call them just go back to sleep.
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