Charles Peace and His Adventorus Life Summary

Topics: E-book, Crime, Middle class Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Charles Peace
Jon Austin Bridges

Charles Peace was an entertainer by day and a world class thief by night. Charles grew up in a lower middle class family as his father worked as an animal tamer and a shoe maker . Charles was a loving son to his mother and father. He worked with his dad in both of his professions. When Charles father died he was left a cripple in the unforgiving streets of London. He soon turned to a life of crime and he was soon caught and put in jail for 8 weeks . he took to making his body as fit as possible. He became a extreme athlete he was able to lift his self up a table leg clear off the ground. He was also a master of disguise. He used almond oil to darken his skin and could wrinkle his face to look 80. When he came back to his life of crime he was untouchable and unstoppable for three years.. his wanted posters said he ranged from the age of 16 to 56 and no poster looked the same. Charles served 18 and a half years in prison when the years are added together. Charles was defiantly one hell of a character and although he robbed and killed he was looked onto by some as a comical figure they would laugh at Scotland yard for not being able to catch one man when they were supposedly supposed to be the best of the best. Eventually peace got drunk and was arrested on a minor offense, he had changed his whole fearturres the last time he was arrested and wouldn’t give his real name. Eventually his wife gave his true name and peace was tried on one account of murder and many accounts of thievery.

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