Charge at the Nek

Topics: Gallipoli, Mel Gibson, Battle of Chunuk Bair Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: March 26, 2013
The film Gallipoli was made in 1981 and was directed by Peter Weir. Peter’s main production purposes for the film were to entertain the viewers, so that he could profit a larger amount of money from it. In doing this it made some of the historical information on WW1 vary. The film included accurate events that may have occurred to people in Australia during the period of time leading up to and during the war in Gallipoli in WW1, including their enrolment, but it misrepresents some major aspects of history. The charge at the Nek was one of the major scenes, and my research has shown some of the parts to be historically incorrect. The scenes of the film that encouraged enrolling in the army and the impact enrolling had on family and friends were mainly accurate to what truthfully occurred in WW1. The reasons that men joined the war included the attraction that a soldiers uniform brought to women, they expected it to be a trilling adventure for them, some wished to prove their bravery to their parents, peer pressure from friends, to serve for their country, and for other personal reasons. Friends and family of a man wanting to join the army were deeply affected from this. The departure of the man without their loved ones approving of their decision may have caused family issues. Also the death of the soldier was heart breaking for their loved ones. Although we did not see the reaction of the loved ones in the film, what we did see was the soldiers writing letters and placing valuables in a safe place in their trench which we can imagine will be given to their family and friends. This part of the film may then further lead the viewer on to think about the feelings and devastation rushing through the minds of the soldiers who are about to sacrifice their life’s, loved ones when they hear of the soldiers tragic death. The film Gallipoli provides an inaccurate interpretation of the charge at the Nek on the 15th of August 1915. Firstly, the film slightly...
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