Characteristics Paper

Topics: American Civil War, United States, African American Pages: 5 (1289 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Characteristics Paper
Bonnie Garcia,
University of Phoenix/PSYCH 535
October 25, 2010
Dr. Terry Scott

Characteristics Paper

The United States is a land with a diversified culture. The reason for this diversification of culture is the fact that the country alone is home for people of all cultures. Therefore, the United States is often referred to as the “Melting Pot”. Being the land of the free, America is one of those countries where people from different backgrounds are able to practice their cultures and religion freely. One such group of people living in the United States is the African Americans that are a significant proportion of the country’s population. This paper is aimed at discussing the history of the African American cultural characteristics, its impact experiences as a subculture in American society, traditional psychological theory, characteristics for psychological theory and practice and how the African Americans deal with family, religion, and parenting practices.


The African American history dates back to the 17th century when the first Africans were brought in the United States. More specifically, the first twenty Africans were brought to the United States in 1619. There were the first of ten thousand Africans that were brought during the 17th century. Since then the African American history is filled with the people being subjected to racism and other forms of torture. The African Americans that were brought in the United States were brought to the United States to serve as slaves to the non-colored, rich Americans of that time. Throughout the time, the African Americans were subjected to numerous forms of torture, without any regard for their rights. The treatment given to the African Americans were at times considered inhumane. It took the American Civil War in 1863 in which President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation abolishing slavery in the country and making them free with their rights (Wright, 2009). However, it took almost another hundred years for the racism to reduce significantly from the American society.


Traditional psychological theory

All through periods racialist America has used morals, patterned ways of thinking and feeling cultural symbols, movements, attitudes, to cope with the narrow-mindedness toward African Americans. Traditionally, minorities have been victimized in American culture against all generation. Contemporary migrant groups tend to become targets for the determined mainstream to pass judgment on; yet, African Americans have repeatedly upheld the force of prejudices.

The traditional psychology of African American experiences created a multidimensional way of life in America. This way of life includes a development of feelings, behaviors, and ideas of African Americans as they have experienced racism in the United States. TRIOS is a phrase representing the “cultural foundation of an African legacy for African-Americans and provides a means of coping with slavery and various forms of racism over time” (Jones, 2003). TRIOS stands for Time, Rhythm, Improvisation, Orality, and Spirituality.

Facts for the components of TRIOS are understood by African cultural factors. The components consist of verbal rituals within a well-known background, music, clothing, and the art of creativeness and an exceptional Afro-centric awareness of generation. African Americans have cleverness when it comes to storytelling, garments that symbolize African American foundation and origin in Africa. African American is very talented to the craft of musical genres such as rap, hip-hop, and jazz, as comparable to their ancestors. All of these are factors of culture fashioned mainly by African Americans.

Americans strive for identity and individualism but by doing so they often ignore the inequalities between race and economic status. Diversity fails to offer true social justice when there are inherent and...
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