Characteristics of a Knowledge and Value Centered Management

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  • Published : August 30, 2011
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Characteristics of a Knowledge and Value Centered Management Deana Paul
University of Phoenix

1. PURPOSE : Knowledge
4. COMMUNICATION : Knowledge/Value
6. TRUST : Value
7. SELF : Knowledge
8. VISION : Knowledge/Value
9. EMPOWERMENT : Knowledge
10. MEANING : Knowledge
While deciding how to classify each characteristic I think both, knowledge and value, can be attached to some of these characteristics. When a manager knows what his or her mission or purpose is within the organization he or she understands and is willing to work towards accomplishing the mission to the best of his or her ability. An excellent manager is always aware of how the organization can be the best it can be by knowing what changes need to be made. Organizational ability means keeping track of what the group is doing, and handling mistakes in a way that improves how the organization operates. Being able to convey ideas so that the people involved are willing to participate shows good communication skills. Trust means performing in a constant and reliable way, and holding true to one way of doing things within the organization. Confidence in one’s knowledge and skills provides a platform for creativity, self. Knowing how to express a vision to others inspires them to be as enthusiastic about it and willing to participate in the process as the manager is. Treating others with respect and acknowledging their efforts and accomplishments goes a long way, and is empowering. Meaning is being able to rally others into performing by doing their part to help make a vision manifest into reality.
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