What Do Followers Want from Their Leaders, and Why Is It Important for a Follower to View the Leader Realistically?

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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The characteristics that are wanted by followers in their leaders could vary in different jobs for the most part they are the same. It is very important for a leader to possess these four characteristics, which are: Honesty, Forward-thinking, Inspiring, and Competence. With these four, leaders will be able to keep followers on the right path and receive the most production out of them.

Honesty with followers is the most important; this allows a trust and a bond with the followers that the correct information and guidance is being relayed in the workplace for the betterment of the company.

Forward-thinking is looking toward the future and your followers seeing that you do have plans and goals for the future. It is important for the followers to know that the company and their leaders are not only working for today.

The ability to inspire your followers and is also important to motivate them from a production stand point. Leaders are often quick to criticize and talk down to employees; this is often not productive and tells the employees that you do not care about them. Inspiring employees is always a great quality for a leader to possess.

The charactistic of competence is a really a given in the workplace, and is work to work for a leader to does not have this ability. Leaders should not be able to achieve the level of a leader without desire or passion for the position.

It is important to view a leader from a realistic point of view, so that the follower knows that the leader can make mistakes. The followers also must understand that the leaders are not to be placed on a pedestal and cannot be disagreed with. The most important ability for a follower is to be able to have a discussion about the task at hand with the leader whether you agree with him or not about the situation.
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