Characteristics of a Knowledge and Value Based Manager

Topics: Understanding, Emotion, Trait Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: August 12, 2012
Characteristics of a Knowledge and Value Centered Manager

A knowledge and value centered manager is grounded in sound and accurate knowledge of the various themes that have developed throughout the history of management along with a commitment to values and ethical practice (Kettner, 2002). Any manager/supervisor/administrator in any field can be knowledge and value centered. Therefore I have assembled a list of characteristics that can be applied to great leadership in all fields and walks of life. To become a knowledge and value centered manager it is vital to be dedicated to a personal continual growth or self-improvement program. A manager who does not assign the same value of personal growth to him/herself will not be able to guide others in their own growth. The most important trait for a knowledge and value-centered manager to have is self-confidence. Without self-confidence most of the following traits on the list will not be possible to achieve. A self-confident manager inspires others to achieve goals that they may not fully agree with or understand. It is the beginning for the formation of a coherent and efficient team. Self-awareness and self-mastery is number two on the leadership list. In the human services field one will often have to deal with potentially volatile people or situations. Without the ability to control one’s mind, thoughts, feelings, and desires at all times the manager runs the risk of being swept up in the emotions of the situation. This renders any manager ineffective. When a manager can control his/her emotions and thoughts, the manager will be able to maintain patience even in the most stressful situations. Having patience will allow any manager to be more understanding of another’s situation or position, which will ultimately allow you to better lead that person towards their goal. Understanding and empathy is the next logical characteristic because it develops from having patience. Only when you...
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