Character Study Outline on James the Just

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James the Just

(Under The Shadow of Jesus)

Setting: Youth Group Bible Study
Length of Delivery: 1 hour for each lesson

Name of Student: Carlens Bien-Aime
Student ID: L25710557
Class: NBST 521
Instructor’s Name: Eric Spano
Date Submitted: 04/05/2013

The Little Brother of Jesus
Matthew 13:55; Mark 6:3
The account of Matthew in the terms of James the Just (also known as the James the Less) is known as the brother of Jesus. He was considered the eldest after Jesus because Mary was a virgin before Christ. The Catholic Church still sees her as a virgin. Eisenman states; “…Jesus’ mother and brothers came to him to talk to or question him. They are four in number, James, Simon, Jude, and Joses”. This gives us the background and focal point to develop an understanding of James as the brother under Jesus Christ.

Through this bible study, we will explore the man behind the Messiah; James. The Synoptic Gospel and the gospels do not go into the brother of Jesus in-depth but we can see how he came out of the shadow of Jesus to become James the Just.

Biblical Text: Matthew 13:55
a. The mentioning of Jesus’ biological family which consists of James and the importance of knowing the Jesus Christ had blood relatives as well as Mary was not a virgin afterward. b. The names of his other siblings and knowing that James and Jude wrote epistles in the bible and were known after the resurrection but only mentioned twice in the gospels.

Looking at James as the middle child in the family who does not receive any attention and also looking for ways to be accepted amongst other not considering the feelings for others in your own personal pursuit of jealously. BIBLICAL TRUTH

We often forget whom we belong to and who we are associated with after our conversion with Christ. We are no longer slaves but we are heirs to the throne (Romans 8:17). We are a part of his blood line because he shed his blood for you and I so we are related through our faith and oneness with Jesus.


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James the Unbeliever
John 7:3-5; John 7:5-10
Here we are in the place where Jesus is at the festival from a distance. It isn’t his time to come to the world with miracles and signs so that they can believe who he is but Jesus states, “My time is not yet come: but your time is always ready”. James and his other brothers want Jesus to perform miracles and wonders in front of others but Jesus denies this request. In all, his brothers do not believe he is the Messiah because instead of walking by faith they walked by sight. From lesson 1 we are now moving in chronological order to see the conversion of Peter through a series of events.

Biblical Text: John 7:3-5
a. James and other siblings wanted Christ to go into Judea to not only see the disciples but also the works in Jesus Christ can perform. James wanted to show Jesus off in the many miracles and healings he can do. b. “For there is no man that doeth anything in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, show thyself”. James and his brethren were asking Jesus to prove to them who He is to the public eye. James...
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