Peter: Character Study

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Are You A Peter?

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Jeremiah Hagler (ID #74544)

Lynchburg, Virginia. May 4, 2011

Thesis: It is the intent of this paper to dig into the life of Peter and see just who this man that passionately followed Christ was. As we dig into the life of Peter we will examine his character strengths, his weaknesses, and overall how Peter was transformed by Christ. We will see how God took a man who more often than not acted without thinking and transformed him into a passionate follower who’s words we read today in God’s very words to us. I. Introduction

II. Lesson 1: Peter’s Character Strengths
III. Lesson 2: Peter’s Weaknesses
IV. Lesson 3: Jesus’ Transformation of Peter
V. Conclusion

In the New Testament the “twelve” are mentioned a total of four times (Matt 10:2-4, Mark 3:16-19, Luke 6:14-16. and Acts 1:13). The man that is listed first every time may take some people by surprise, as that man is Simon Peter. When it comes to Simon we have a lot of information about this man that would later come to be called Peter. Some things we know about Peter was that he was a Galilean fisherman, he became the chief spokesman of the Apostles, and he was one of the two strongest personalities in the New Testament along with Paul. So where does the name Peter come from anyway? The name Peter comes from the Greek “petros", which means rock. More often than not when we think about how Peter got this name we often look to Matthew 16:18, but if we look at John 1:42 we will see that Jesus gives Peter this name at their first meeting. John 1:42 states; “He brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him, and said, "You are Simon the son of John; you shall be called Cephas" (which is translated Peter).” One common theory about how Peter gained his name is that he received it because of his bold testimony about this man they called Christ, but another plausible reason for this name could be that this was Christ’s summation of this head strong man from Galilee.

When it comes to Peter there are many words that one could use to describe him such as headstrong, uncompromising, stubborn, etc. When we think about it it’s very plausible that Christ didn’t name him Peter as a compliment to his unshaking stability but rather nicknaming this man that would come to follow him, this man that was stubborn and hardheaded. See we must not forget that Peter was the one who; tried to walk on the water, but took his eyes off Jesus, who got caught up trying to figure out how many times he was obligated to forgive his brother, who fell asleep in the garden, who cut off the ear of the high priest's servant, and it was Peter who denied Jesus three times. With that being said we musts not also forget that this same Peter; became the strong backbone of the church and he is the one who stood trial by himself before the Sanhedrin. I think that the truth is that Jesus look at this man called Peter and said, “Simon you rock of a man, how hardheaded you are! You may be a rock now but when I am finished u will be a rock that my Kingdom is built upon!” Jesus took this man with stubborn weakness, used his strengths to advance His kingdom, and transformed him in Peter…a man that is in the faith hall of fame.

Lesson One: Peter’s Character Strengths
Peter, who was an ordinary man, was called by God to do astonishing things. Peter would become a pillar of the early Church and a teacher to the Jews. Even though Peter was just an average fisherman from Bethsaida, God used him to do great and amazing things. Peter was not only a disciple and apostle but he was also a son, brother, and even a father. In this lesson we will dive into the characteristics that made Peter the man of God that he was. What made God use...
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