Character Strengths

Topics: McCarthyism, Joseph McCarthy, See It Now Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Character Strengths

Character Strengths
Throughout the film Good Night and Good Luck, many character strengths were exhibited. The main characters Edward Murrow and Fred Friendly stand out the most when exhibiting character strengths. Edwards’s courageousness throughout the novel is bar none. To be courageous there is usually a risk involved. For Edward Morrow, his risk was going toe to toe against Senator McCarthey’s attempts to destroy people’s lives and causing a nationwide McCartheyism scare. To fill in McCartheyism is making accusations on an individual of disloyalty or in McCarthey’s time “Communists,” without evidence. There were many incidents where McCarthey was doing this in Good Night and Good Luck, one such as Milo Radulovich. He claimed he was a Communist and discharged him from the Army Air Corps in 1952, “because his father John, had immigrated to Detroit in 1914 from Serbia and was labeled a Communist because he subscribed into a pro-Communists paper from Serbia. The fact that he subscribed to the anti-Communist paper was deemed irrelevant” (pg.17). By putting his neck on the line and challenging the senator he shows justice. He wants equality for everyone; he believes that everyone should be treated equally, even Milo. He also shows extreme wisdom and knowledge while interviewing the senator. Murrow was actually the only one that had it in him to go against his ways and call him out on things that he thought Senator McCarthey was doing wrong, with the night program that he had of See It Now. Murrow has the wisdom and knowledge to not make himself look like a fool on national T.V. Fred Friendly’s strengths go hand and hand with Murrow’s. Fred shows courage to stand by his friend’s side, even though the decision to go against a senator was tough. He knows what is at stake for his friend and him, their careers. But the risk of being considered a communist is far greater. Fred’s temperance with...
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