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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Hope, Tenacity, and Ingenuity are all important things everyone must have in order to survive in life, however, when you are placed in danger, these character traits can be the most valuable thing you can have. In the sport of rock climbing/ hiking, people put themselves in harms way in order for the thrill of the sport, but also to push their limits to reach the end. However, sometimes, these dangers you believe that could not happen strike and can change your life entirely. In Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours,” Aron Ralston is going on a little hike around a canyon were he slips and gets is arm stuck under a rock. Ralston is an excellent example of the 3 key character traits because he uses them all in order to help his escape. In the film, it showed many hallucinations Ralston would see because while he was stuck in the crevice with little to no chance of survival, he still hoped for a miracle and never gave up. His attitude to never give up, or his tenacity, was another important key element to his survival because whenever he would fail with one attempt, instead of getting depressed and giving up, he would think of another way to get out and stayed strong, even in the hardest times. The last element would be his ingenuity because he used all his knowledge of making a pulley, about amputation, and many other things, which aided him in his escape of the crevice. There is one scene where it shows a montage of images with Ralston attempting to throw rope over a ledge in order to make a pulley system, and it showed him fail many times but it showed him using all of the character traits because he never gave up, hoped for a way out, and used his knowledge of a good way to get out of the rock. In the myth of a Sisyphus however, the man stuck on the cliff has a bit of a different attitude then Ralston had. He man stuck on the hill, who is forced to move a rock to the top, only to fail and have to try again. Although all hope of him escaping has died, he still stays strong...
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