Crucible Essay (Character Analysis)

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, John Proctor Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: April 11, 2012
In the play The Crucible many of the characters learn things about themselves as well as others. Discuss the insight gained by the characters of Elizabeth Proctor, Reverend Hale, and John Proctor.

In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, Elizabeth Procter, learns about the character and morality of other people, her own actions of the people around them, and most importantly how to admit and deal with her own mistakes. Reverend Hale’s insight into himself reveals his new perspective on people in general, this leads him to realize that his reasons and purpose for hunting the witches could have been correct, but his one mindedness in doing so was a great weakness to him. The protagonist John Procter goes through many challenges in order to achieve an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of himself and the people around him. He realizes that he lacks in his ability to admit to his own mistakes, and when he finally does, it is to late. Elizabeth Proctor is reserved, slow to complain, and dutiful women. Even so, she is extremely pained by the fact that her husband was having an affair with their “strikingly beautiful” young servant Abigail. Throughout the play, her dialogue is vague in order to show her feelings towards her husband. It hints at the fact if whether of not she has actually forgiven her husband, or if she only stay with him because that is what society demanded of her during the time of the play. Despite her perturbation, Elizabeth still plays the role of her husband’s supporter. Throughout the play, as Procter is caught between difficult choices, Elizabeth helps him choose what is best for him. For example, in Act four when Procter is stuck between the choice to falsely confess to the sin of witchcraft or to be hung, Elizabeth tells him to choose the later, though she does not want him to die, she also does not want him to give in to the demands of the unjust trial in which he is a part of. After her husband has decided to hang from the gallows...
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