Character Education

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Character Education
Grand Canyon University: EDU 310 (0206)
December 5, 2010

Character Development
According to Svi Shapiro, “Most of our schools are not facing up to their responsibilities.   We must begin to ask ourselves whether educators should help students address the critical moral choices and social issues of our time”. The idea of this quote is placing the responsibility on schools of going beyond that of training students for jobs and getting them into college. One example would be for schools to be required to educate students on topics regarding character and social issues. Is it possible with the discussion of character development and the educating of students on moral decisions, and social conflicts, that we could see an improvement to the society in which we live? One can understand how employing the help of teachers and school administrators, these moral and social conflicts that are damaging the character of society can be put on the decrease.  

In completing the research for this paper, several readings justified that teachers and schools should teach character education. In doing this it will help students gain a better understanding of the social issues they will be faced with. It will also aid them when making moral choices. It is obvious that the character and moral values of our society have been deteriorating for some time. By teaching character development in public schools, one can reduce this deterioration. By utilizing the help of this type of educational programs and classes today’s students will begin to understand how to make more positive moral decisions, which in turn will help rejuvenate the ethics of society.

There are those individuals who strongly believe that it is wrong for schools to be responsible for teaching moral values and character development as part of their curriculum. The downside of this argument is that there are those students who lack a parent or role model...
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