Service Learning Reflection

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Service Learning Reflection Paper
I chose to go to my home town to work with Kid's Klub for my service learning project. Kid's Klub is a ministry of Wesley United Methodist Church offering quality before and after school care and summer camp programs for children ages five to fourteen. The reason I chose to go to my home town for this project is because I regularly participate in this program when I am home for breaks. While I am there I assist the children in any area in which they may need extra help, as well as helping with preparations that need to be made for activities and field trips. This project relates to the passage of Matthew 25:31-40. This passage talks about children in reference to helping each other out when one is in need and doing the right thing. Another passage that I would like to mention is Proverbs 22:6. This states that a child should be raised in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Kid's Klub is a program that offers care to children before and after school. Being that it acts similarly to a daycare it gives children the opportunity to work on homework or projects they might need to finish, or just to have time to interact with other children and enjoy games and activities. In addition, they are taught scripture in fun ways that they will enjoy. Being able to do such activities in this environment gives the children numerous opportunities to help one another. It is also great that the children are able to associate with different age groups; they are always able to teach each other new things and be able to ask advice from someone that they might feel more comfortable talking to since they are closer to their own age.

While I was there, I acted as a teacher, or mentor, as well as a friend. It was my job to assist them with their homework, projects and to clarify what they were going over in bible classes. I also helped prepare dinner for them and played games with them until their parents were...
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