Chapter 4 Reflection

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Counseling Theories
Chapter 4 Reflection
I am not sure if this goes exactly with the reflection but here it goes. My niece Savannah has always wanted to be a doctor. She began by going to school in Joplin and got her Bachelor’s in Nursing and is now an RN. She moved back home and is now working at Rogers Mercy Hospital in the ER. She still wants to be a doctor but since the Joplin tornado and I am sure some other reservations she does not want to leave home and go to medical school so she has decided to settle for becoming a Nurse Practitioner where she will still have to travel at least 2 hours each day she has class but she still gets to stay at home. She will begin this fall. Our entire family has tried to encourage her to go on to medical school and that we can visit and she can visit and we would help her through. We then thought the boyfriend of two years was holding her back, but he was caught cheating and they have now split up, but her decision still stands firm she just does not want to go far from home. She has always entrusted me and come to me with all her problems when she needs to talk, I suppose because we are close in age. There have even been times I had to break that trust for her own good when she was younger, but she still comes to me. I myself keep trying to encourage her to go to medical school, but without actually sitting her down and knowing how to handle her issues with leaving home and the tornado I feel as if I am becoming just like everyone else and trying to push her when she is really looking for some help. How would you go about helping a client in this situation?
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