Chapter 16 Psychology

Topics: Social psychology, Sociology, Milgram experiment Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: May 14, 2013
AP Psychology
Study Guide Ch. 16
1. What is social psychology?
2. What is social cognition?
3. What is a self-fulfilling prophecy? How does it affect self-expectations? 4. What self-concept (self-schema)? How is it referred to self-esteem? 5. What are factors that people take into consideration when evaluating their self-esteem? 6. What is a reference group?

7. What is an attitude? What are its components?
8. What is cognitive dissonance? How did Leon Festinger demonstrate it? 9. What is justification of effort?
10. What are the 2 types of attribution? Define.
11. What are some common attribution biases? Give an example on each. 12. Compare individualistic and collective cultures.
13. What is self-handicapping? What is its purpose?
14. What is the blame the victim phenomenon?
15. What is social influence? What role do norms play in social influence? 16. What are social roles? What was Phillip Zimbardo’s experiment in relation to social roles? 17. What is persuasion? Compliance?

18. What are 3 persuasion techniques? How does each one work? 19. What is the elaboration likelihood model?
20. What are factors that play a role and affect persuasion? 21. What is conformity? What was Solomon Asch’s experiment on conformity? 22. What are factors that affect level of conformity?

23. What is obedience? What was Stanley Milgram’s experiment? What are factors that affected the level of obedience in the individuals he studied? 24. What is group dynamics?
25. What is social facilitation? Social interference?
26. What is social loafing and what is social striving? In which culture is each one more likely to be found? 27. What is deindividuation?
28. What is group polarization? How is it related to risky shift? 29. What is groupthink?
30. What is the difference between in-group and out-group? 31. What is in-group bias?
32. What is out-group homogeneity?
33. What...
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