Chapter 10 3 Cups of Tea

Topics: Islamabad, Rhetoric, Rawalpindi Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Chapter 6
Vocab terms:
* Spartan – sternly disciplined and rigorously simple, frugal, or austere. ”The room was so spartan there was no place to hide the pouch except under his clothes.” * Shalwar - loose, pajamalike trousers worn by both men and women in India and southeast Asia.

“You are the rich man?” he asked, looking doubtfully at Mortenson’s frayed running shoes and worn mud-colored shalwar.”

* Juddered - to vibrate violently
“And as they juddered over potholes at hundred kilometers an hour, Mortenson, wedged into the miniature backseat, struggled to keep his chin from smacking against his huddled knees.”

Significance of Chapter Title and Epigraph: RAWALPINDI’S ROOFTOPS AT DUSK The significance of the chapter title is that Mortenson feels different on Rawalpindi’s rooftop and has different motives compared to when he went to Pakistan to climb K2. The significance of the Epigraph is that this chapter focuses on the ritual and daily life of prayer in Pakistan. The saying would most likely ring true to all Muslims who worship Allah that prayer is better the sleep, and that is a necessity needed to survive.

Feature Of Text/ Device and Definition| Example| Effect of the Rhetorical Device| Repetition/ Polysyndeton | He had stitched together half of the globe, on a fifty-six-hour itinerary dictated by his cut-rate ticket, from SFO to Atlanta, to Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi to Dubai and, finally, out of this tunnel of time zones and airless departure lounges to the swelter and frenzy of Islamabad airport| By continually using the preposition “to” the effect on the reader is that Mortenson traveled many different places. The polysyndeton of this sentence drags out the rhythm of the sentence to make the reader pause and recognize each individual area Mortenson went.| Appositive phrase| For eighty rupees a night, or about two dollars, Mortenson inhabited this afterthought, an eight-by-eight-foot glassed-in cubicle on the hotel’s roof that...
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