English Chapter 3

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Vincenzo DeMaria
9/24/12 English 101 Page 106

What did the writer say and what do you think? (1-3)
1.) No, I do not think any of Fulford’s examples of Movie Wisdom strikes me as inaccurate. Its because most of his examples were all on point and he explained how movies are predictable once you have a little in following the plots of different types of movies. 2.) He includes an anecdote, in an essay that shows how movies get it wrong, because he wants to tell the readers that people believe what they see and hear. Its just like how Pauline Kael said that the behavior of boys were transformed by the performances of Cary Grant. 3.) Fulford says he relies on Movie Wisdom, even though there is evidence against it, because it has tradition behind it. This means that he believes that Movie Wisdom doesn’t cut out the key points in movies, just like in the traditional western movies, where Elmore Leonard omitted the one-on-one main-street pistol duals. How did the writer say it? (1-3)

1.) No, Fulford did not organize his ideas in any way. It is because he did it the way he wanted to so that he would get his point across to the reader. 2.) He takes Movie Wisdom real serious, because even though there is evidence to go against it, he still relies on Movie Wisdom. And also because he knows what he is talking about, so that he can support Movie Wisdom. 3.) Fulford demonstrates to his readers the incompleteness of Movie Wisdom about love and sex by saying that if a man and woman intensely dislike each other when meet again, they will soon fall in love and marry. But in sex, if a girl has sex once, she for sure get pregnant, particularly when she’s 16. Page 108

What did the writer say and what do you think? (1-3)
1.) A couple lie...
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