Chapter 1: Hi, Call Me ?

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Chapter 1: Hi, Call Me ______?


Stanley, while in town, decided to go to the annual company picnic. The picnic is a ceremonial rite that encourages employees to set aside the usual roles and relationships among employees and the executives will make sure to be available to talk and be open to anyone .

Stanley is a new employee who has been with the company for about a year. He has been recently transferred to the New York office. In this particular day Stanley, who feels very self-confident of his new position and has tendencies to get carried away. “…of course it didn’t hurt that he had been near the beer tap all afternoon”

When did it go wrong?

While Stanley was playing horseshoes with an older gentleman, Stanley gave him a explanation of his current position in the company, the gentleman assumed Stanley was from the sales forces based on the location given by Stanley. Stanley responded: “Oh, hell, no! Listen, don’t you know about the Expandrium processing line we are installing in Portland, Maine…” Stanley when on to explain how people in the company needs to know what is going on to be able to get anywhere in this business. The older gentleman agreed with his statement and looked at Stanley’s name tag one more time, thanked him for the game and walked away.

Once Stanley was informed, that the persons with whom he played and talked to was Mr. Marsh, the universal executive of the company, he realized the possible consequences this may have cost him in regards to his future with the company.

What have we learned from Stanley’s Mistake?

Impression management is described as the goal-directed activity of controlling or regulating information in order to influence the impression formed by an audience . In this case Stanley was trying to shape Mr. Marsh’s (the audience) impression of himself (Stanley). Stanley wanted to self-present himself as a person with great knowledge and power within the company. Instead his...
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