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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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Channeling Students into Special Services
Sarah York
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Jeffrey is 17 years. He is classified as having a learning disability. Jeffrey has received services in his general education class but would like to move on to technical college after graduation. Evaluations were done and specific processes and procedures need to be followed for Jeffery’s success. After the evaluations and placement referrals, a group of IEP professionals from the school district, Jeffrey’s parents and other professionals meet to discuss Jeffrey’s needs. A copy of the evaluation is needed at the time of the meeting. Any and all information is helpful other than what the evaluation provides. Some behaviors happen in the home and outside of school and vice versa. Any type of information believed to be relevant is accepted in the meeting. Multiple sources of information are needed in the meetings and must be considered. The decision is made whether the child fits the criteria of a specific disability. Jeffry’s IEP teacher will gather all information needed to show his performance in school. The teacher is given a statement in which shows Jeffrey’s short term objectives and annual goals. It is important for each student to have something to work towards. A statement of services provided throughout Jeffrey’s education is helpful to his future teachers. This statement allows other teachers to see what help Jeffrey become most successful in the classroom. There is also information on what Jeffrey is least successful in. Jeffrey reads at the fourth grade level not the twelfth. He would not be at the same reading level as the classroom therefore unsuccessful in reading. Jeffrey’s IEP teacher would provide all information on what assessments are appropriate for Jeffrey. There are statewide assessments given to student some of which are not appropriate for some. This could give some misleading information when channeling the student into special services....
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