Changing Face of Indian Villages

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  • Published : February 14, 2012
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           Serenity, tranquility, quietude and innocence lace the village life in India. With nameless- endless vast green fields, flowing rivers, chirping birds, the swaying emerald trees... whispering the ballads of love and languishment to the clear blue sky; Indian villages bewitch, mesmerize and captivate.                            It is always said that 'if you want to know India then you should visit the villages in India.' In today’s world changes are taking place left and right at jet speed. And today I truly believe that to know India one just needs to visit any Indian village where there is a blend of ancient as well as the modern world. The face of my village in the Indian state of Kerala is also changing. The village where my father and his siblings have grown from young toddlers to mature individuals. Growing up in a dusty, marshy environment of a village had its share of joy and ecstasy.                   Those good old days, as my father says, are etched in his memories even after spending nearly 20 years in this cosmopolitan city of Mumbai. His life as a kid, who grew up in a joint family, shared his clothes and books with his siblings, walked miles to his government run school always fascinated me. But over the years i noticed that these things are gradually changing. My cousins who reside in Kerala live in nuclear families; go to schools run by private institution which is very much similar to our lifestyle in cosmopolitan cities. This manifests the rising changes in Indian villages which are gradually transforming into small towns. However this is not only the account of my village in Kerala but also of hundreds of such hamlets across our nation.                   We must obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature. Abiding by this great law villages in India are constantly changing. the driving force behind these changes are factors like industrialization, modernization,...
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