Changed Me for the Better

Topics: High school, Abuse, English-language films Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: March 19, 2013

Honestly I can say that high school, in general, shaped me into the person that stands before you today. High school challenged me, made me stronger, and taught to appreciate myself, despite others, and their opinions. My four year journey through high school either pushed me forward or held me back. I had many ups and downs, and plenty bad times outweighing the best times. High school challenged me, both mentally and physically, in various ways over the years as being a student. Rather it was challenges within education, such as, taking AP classes to prepare me for college, or even challenging me to always do my best. High school taught me that I should have fun and enjoy myself, but the only way I could do that, is if I stepped out of my comfort zone. High school challenged me to proceed to the next level, too. Most importantly, high school challenged my strengths and weaknesses. I graduated from high school knowing what I could I handle and what would make me want to give up and how to overcome those obstacles, big or small. I have always believed in being strong even when everything could be going terribly wrong. In high school I was bullied, made fun of, teased and looked down on. That was the worst feeling ever. Although I had a decent amount of friends, it still seemed as though everyone was against me, even them. I felt like I was the target, and they were forever aiming at me. In such situations like this, you have no choice but to be strong, or remain strong I should say. You should never let anyone break you because once they have done so, the taunting will never end. I am living proof. I learned that it is extremely difficult to try and stay strong and think positive when all you get in return is negativity thrown back at you at but you have to always fight back. Yes I was hurting on the inside, and I was scared, but I never, not once, let them take advantage of my mind. Four years of Hell made me come out stronger than before and I...
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