Change Management

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Management of Change and Organisational development

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Executive summary

The purpose of this report is to provide a clear understanding of the well-known Information Technology Corporation recognised as IBM. This summary will examinee some key drivers of change within IBM and also analyse some likely resistance to change in the case study. Lastly this report will provides positives and negatives about the main drives of change. A number of drivers of changes that were identified, were change of Leadership in IBM follow by the innovation of technology. As a result, some likely resistance of change were uncovered, the reason behind resistance to change included fear of unknown or uncertainty. The fact that Gerstner was also a new manager, this meant that his leadership styles were questioned as to whether his ideas would lead that to benefit the organisation. Finally benefits were recognised from drivers of change include the turnover of leadership style that might bring to an organisation with technology can reduce the number of employees while increase profitability. Negatives of leadership were an autocratic leader will de-motivate employees and technology will take over good leaders jobs within the company.


In an organisation there are number of drivers and changes that organisations go through some of these changes are beneficial for the organisation others are factors that affect the organisational profitability. These influences consist of external drivers and internal pressure the external factors are Political/Legal, Sociocultural, Economical, Technology and International on the other hand the inside forces of the organisation contains Culture, Leadership, Process, Structure, and HRM Strategy. This report’s major purpose is to investigate a Case study about Balanced and blended leadership at IBM the aim is to uncover some of the drivers of change in IBM such as Technology, Leadership and Culture follow by analysing the resistance to change in IBM Corporation culture.

IBM in the case study is described to one of the technological presence to become the iconic American organisation that provided mainframe computer in the 1950’s its mentioned that it’s been operating for 30 years, A little be more about IBM the company grew by exploring the success and massive worldwide footprint of its mainframe systems. (Case study)

For individuals who may not be familiar with IBM it’s an Information Technology organisation that operates worldwide IBM provides technological equipments such as hardware and software for small businesses and larger corporations. IBM’s most profitable source is providing consultation as a service which is known to generate profit for the organisation.

Drivers of change

As IBM continues to be recognised as a technological provider for customers there are drivers of changers that were identified which requires additional research some of its recent changers were acknowledged as Strong leadership which is manufactured to develop a more efficient organisational culture. IBM recognised that they need to employee an individual who can turn around its culture so they employee Lou Gerstner who implemented an eight principle process for creating a new culture. The case study describes that Gerstner utilised these methods to encourage employees to facilitate the organisational objectives. Also identified as a “Tool steps to ensure that the vision was propagated and implemented throughout the company “these eight principles are

1 the marketplace is the driving force behind everything we do.

2 at our core, we are a technology company with an overriding commitment to quality.

3 our primary measures of success are customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

4 we operate as an interpersonal organisation...
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