Change in Marji: Persepolis

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Topic: Character Analysis of Marji in Persepolis
Audience: Teacher
Purpose: To Persuade

You Are Who You Are
Dean Acheson once gave the timeless advice of “always remember that the future comes one day at a time”. This quote highlights how truly important each and every day is and the significance of the time you use or waste. The way that you choose to use that time, the decisions you make, and the things that surround you change who you are and greatly affect your future. These are all aspects that were clearly shown throughout the graphic novel Persepolis. It is because of these aspects of life that Marji developed the characteristics that she did. As an Iranian citizen Marji was consumed by war for a long time. This is what forced her to learn to take experiences and hardships one day at a time and develop certain traits that she may not have otherwise. It forced her to look at everything in a different perspective than the average child would have, and that is what has molded her into the woman she is today. It becomes clear through the examination of both the novel and the film Persepolis that Marji was a very dynamic character because of her outlook on life due to her many influential surroundings, and her countless unique life experiences that came as a result of the war.

Many of Marji’s unique experiences that have affected her positively and negatively as a person come as a result of war both in and around her life. The war brought out many positive characteristics in Marji. It taught her to be a strong and independent woman that knew who she was and would never forget, no matter what. Throughout the novel and the film there are many instances of marji’s defiance towards the government. Although this may be perceived as childish and immature, it also shows her strength of character and spirit. Whether she was being demanded to wear the veil, beating her chest to show support for her country, buying music tapes on the street, or wearing jeans...
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