Change in Diet

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  • Published : January 15, 2011
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I began this class with very little nutritional knowledge. During week one of this class, it became evident to me that my eating habits were completely unhealthy. Before taking this course, my interpretation of eating right consisted of eating foods that I thought were healthy, and basically sticking to that particular meal plan. I started this class coming off of a self-created protein diet plan of my own. My diet plan consisted solely upon eating cereal for breakfast, chicken breast, white rice, and egg whites for lunch, and drinking a protein shake for dinner, every week on days Monday through Friday. For the weekends, I would basically eat whatever I wanted. The weekends were considered my grace period where I was allowed to ignore my diet for two days. About a week or two before the course began, I had completely stopped my protein diet, and I was basically back to eating whatever I had a taste for at any given time of the day. I had lost all discipline and obedience to my “healthy” meal plan. The amount of meals I would have each day varied from one meal a day, to two or three meals a day. Rarely was it consistent. I would skip out on breakfast on many occasions. On some days, I would eat solely junk food all day long. Water was almost inexistent in my life. Completing week one’s assignments gave me an opportunity to actually read how bad my eating habits were as I typed them in. I also learned that my once proclaimed healthy diet was in fact not as healthy as I thought it was. I also learned that I was missing key foods necessary to live a long and healthy life such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables were nonexistent in my life. Vegetables, I never took well to. Fruits just did not seem as important to me as they should have been, and they definitely never satisfied my sugar craves. I learned the importance of fruits and vegetables. I learned that they provide the vitamins, minerals, and fibers my body needs to live a successfully healthy...
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