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French fashion icon Coco Chanel went from being a struggling hat maker to being one of the fashion world's most recognizable names.(, 2013)In this essay, I am going to talk about the company named CHANEL.

Company over view
A woman named Gabrielle Coco Chanel was born in 1883 in France. In 1919, Coco Chanel owed her first couture shop in Paris, giving “Coco Chanel” a name for herself in the fashion world. In this year ‘Chanel’ is just a name of fashion brand. In 1971 Coco Chanel died at the age of 87. Following her death, German designer Karl Lagerfeld became the company’s head designer. Also in this year, a company named CHANEL was been built by him. Now Chanel is a privately held company it designs, manufactures and sells watches, fragrance, clothes and fashion accessories. The company operates in the Europe, Asia and the US. Chanel brings a new range of clothing and Jewish in fashion shows. (Chanel company analysis,2012) The designers use white and black skillfully to create different style of products. Chanel popularized a simpler yet incredibly chic style for women.

The SWOT about Chanel
Compared with other luxury brand, the products in Chanel is more extensive. Some of these are very popular in their domain. For example, the perfume named “Chanel No.5” is well-liked by women. Chanel extends their brand’s popularity by advertisements and movies. It has great design group, everyone knows the company’s logo and its products’ high prices although the style and logo about Chanel is simple.

There are about more than 1000 factories and hundreds of exclusive shop to manufacture and sell Chanel’s products in the world. The company has too much different group of employees and shops and it is hard for the management to control. What is more, Chanel makes products by different kinds of materials. The biggest weakness is that some materials are very hard to find, like crocodile, the resource about it is very rare.

Chanel is a fashion company. The major for this company is to make more and more products by the designer’s inspiration. So they could make new products by coming into contact with different and fresh things. It is to say that opportunities for a fashion company are in everywhere. Another opportunity is that Chanel can also make products for man. Mails are also a part of customers in our word.

For Chanel, a famous fashion company, the biggest risk is also designer’s inspiration. Not only for clothes handbag and jewels designed but also for the research on cosmetics. These years, Karl Lagerfeld the top designer in Chanel does not have too much break through in his works. Fashion changed every times, no one can forecast what will fashion like in future exactly.

External analysis of Chanel (general environment)
Women are the large rant of the customers in Chanel. Chanel solve their produces by using the form of boutiques.( webcollage,2012 )This strategy can steadily reflects its top quality and unique features, and make customers feel their honorable status of service standards in the same time. All of this about Chanel is going to attracted customers in females. Women are always buying some thing because of the shop’s fantastic interior decoration or the good service. The most important thing is that, women are always yearning because of the unique charm of Chanel products. Its high prices let ordinary consumers prohibitive, but brand positioning become more and more elite. (Chanel, 2012 )There is a fact that Chanel strengthened its weight of the most closely series products in order to attract more rich one to buy it. It is very common that people especially women in the society will never give up the pursuit of good things, and in their mind the more expensive the better. In many times having a handbag in Chanel or wearing clothes in this brand could win a lot of second glance.

Certainly, a famous brand is not only based on the high pries...
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