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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Everyday people apply for visas, take citizenship exams, and illegally cross international borders to get closer to the better lifestyle and opportunities America brags about providing. Out of the many that apply, on 65,000 are granted their green card for this country. They hunger for the better life they wish their families have. Although opportunities exists in America, they are overrated and make it a less "perfect" living environment, especially for those affected by the economy change, crime, and racism.

America is known as being the land of opportunities, being able to a higher position of social and working status, but people don't know how untrue and overrated these statements are. With the many people looking for and applying for jobs, it is very difficult for each and every one of these hopeful applicants to get the job they hoped for. If they do manage to get the job, it could take years for them to climb up to a higher position but with the economy changes, there's very little possibility that everyone will keep their jobs. If they do manage to gain a higher working position, like being a restaurant owner for example, there is less of a gain and more stress. With a small business comes many fees and dilemmas. As the daughter of a small business owner, those stresses are not only shared with my father but my entire family. First, like all business owners, you have to pay for the rent and equipment. From there you must pay for the staff. For a restaurant there is about fifteen to twenty workers who are paid for every hour they make, not including the managers with salaries of around 800 dollars, differing from each different business place. But to be able to pay these workers, the owner of the business must pay 3,000 dollars per week to the State Controllers of Public Accounts. If you do not pay these mandatory 3,000 dollars, then paying your workers is an illegal act. No pay, no workers, no restaurant, no money, no business. Along with this fee,...
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