Challenges Faced by Management

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  • Published: April 28, 2011
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Challenges Faced by Management

Managing and supervising people are not an easy job. Every day we are facing different problems and challenges. Maybe a small or big problems that we must enhance or motivate our people, talk with them and even sometimes help them to solve their day to day problems. Every individual has his own characteristic to portray. Variations of people should take into consideration in managing them. Factors like timing, place, and situation would work well for the managers.

With the fast changing world, we need to cope up with things that could hinder the development of one’s managerial skills. Here are the most common problems in management and how to solve them.

Employee motivation: 

Motivating the employees and maintaining their morale is essential for every business. However, this is only possible when any grievances of employees are adequately addressed while ensuring the company's interests. This is a significant challenge faced by management, especially in today's economy where the ever increasing cost of living leads to increased employee dissatisfaction, which is difficult to handle when the cost of doing business is rising rapidly.


Hiring the right people for the right job is a tough task. Analyzing the skills required for a particular job and searching through the multitude of resumes to find the perfect match is a challenge for any management.

Market changes: 

Keeping a constant watch on market trends and evolving the business to adequately match the consumers' demands is another challenging responsibility. 


In any business of significant size today, the competition is almost never limited to local competitors. The ease of doing business online, coupled with the evolution of communication and air transport has made it more feasible than ever for foreign businesses to compete with locals and the most glaring success story is China.

Delegation of responsibility:...
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