Challenges and Opportunities Myanmar Faces in the Progressive Pace of Development, with Relation to AFTA

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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With the total area of 676,552km2 and approximately 48 million populations, estimated in 2008, Myanmar officially acknowledged as Union of Myanmar, the republic in Southeast Asia, which share the border on the west with Bangladesh, on the northwest by India, on the northeast by Yunnan Province, China, and on the east by Laos and Thailand. The longest land border is communal with People’s Republic of China. Burma is known to the world as the nationally official name until 1989; the country’s name was the officially changed by the military government that reigned in 1988. Rangoon is the commercial capital and the largest city, and the administrative capital is Naypyidaw. Concerning with relationship of Myanmar and the largest local organization, ASEAN, Myanmar was stamped with its admission to join as one member state of ASEAN community in 1997. Considered the resource both natural and human capacities, Myanmar, the late-emerged country in the region, anticipated its advantages stemming from joining in ASEAN. Following the participation in the ASEAN community and with the establishment of AFTA agreement signed on 28 January 1992 in Singapore, Myanmar oversights its opportunities in development through the link of commercial trading which allows the free flow of trade, labor and information. However, although the precise advantages retrieved from the ASEAN membership is seen from its current stance, Myanmar also faces with mixed challenges and opportunities in the whole progressive pace of development, particularly with the relation in AFTA.

This research is designed with some objectives. By looking at the present situation and in the near future situation of Myanmar economic and trading; it is very necessary to considered about it. And we want to find out and analyze on the


Myanmar economic and trading whether it is the right time or not for Myanmar to implement AFTA policies in 2015. And this research will become a document the ASEAN mock protocol on May 26, 2012.
This topic’s goals are focused on two main points, and these are the challenges and benefits to Myanmar to implement AFTA’s policies, in which the details of those points will be discussed in the text body. And we will look into the internal economic, and trading of Myanmar.

In this part, we will guide about the historical background of the research; this topic is raised specifically for Myanmar and its economic development. Comparing to other member states of ASEAN, Myanmar can be considered as the young member who just started to bring development to the nation in the first step while the other have reached many stages and some events become developed countries. Since the development pace is left behind, through plan of improvement needs to be implemented for the sake of bringing true and rapid improvement to the country’s main sector such as political, economy and human right, etc. To start with, the first stage of development in Myanmar stemmed mainly from its relation with ASEAN through AFTA. Moreover, this research is conducted because will use it as document to join the ASEAN Mock protocol. These are the reasons leading to the research on this paper. Eventually, in AFTA, although some opportunities are set to be of advantages to Myanmar, still there some more challenges to be concerned about. In the next part, we show the situation of economic and trading in Myanmar.


Economic and trading in Myanmar
Myanmar is the latest economic development in the world because it was suffering and isolated from the world, especially the United State of America and the European Union put the economic sanction. It is the pressure for Myanmar in the recently past time which was the obstacle for the economic development. Myanmar has good condition in geography and it is a gift from the nature. Myanmar has a lot of natural resources, such oil, gas min etc. The economic development of Myanmar is depending on the economic cooperation with China,...
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