Polital Environment in Bangladesh

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Political Environment in Bangladesh and its Impact on International Trade Introduction
The interface between international trade obligations and domestic regulation of trade, health, safety and the environment, special and differential treatment of developing countries dictates whether a country will be able to gain from trade, commerce which contributes to development of a country. Since, independence, the political environment of Bangladesh has been fragile due to its lack of proper democratic practice, self fulfilling prophecy and decision making with inadequate knowledge of international relations. Therefore, it is a dire need to know the impact of political foresight to gain advantage in international trade.

Overview of Political Landscape in Bangladesh

Since independence, Bangladesh has not seen a perfectly competitive political scenario though there are nine (9) political parties. However few parties mainly Bangladesh Awami League, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Jatio Party have dominated the political landscape of Bangladesh. In a democratic country like Bangladesh, eleven elections have taken place. The elected parties are given below according to year of election held: Table 01: Political Scenario of Bangladesh

SL#Election YearWinning PartyTenure in Power
1.1973Bangladesh Awami League 6
2.1978Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)1
3.1979Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)2
4.1981The Jatiya Party5
5.1986The Jatiya Party5
6.1991Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)5
7.1996 (Feb)Bangladesh Awami League0
8.1996 (June)Bangladesh Awami League5
9.2001Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)5
10.2008Bangladesh Awami League2 Year till present

We can see from the above Table 01 that BNP and AL ruled almost 25 years between them.

Overview of International Trade in Bangladesh

The international trade is a broad term. The major indicators that can provide an idea of concentration of international trade...
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