Chain of Command

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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The purpose of the Chain of Command is to install structure, discipline and respect into newer enlisted soldiers. Each branch has its own secretary that assigns forces under their jurisdictions to unify and specific combatant commanders they perform missions and report back to their chain of command. The chain of command starts with the Commander-in-Chief and works its way down to the lowest ranking private in the Army. Within the military, the chain of command is a method for leading and communicating. In addition to being a chain of command within the officer ranks, one of the main purposes of the chain of command is to be the back bone of the NCO support channel. The discipline and order that the army maintains is what makes our Army the strongest in the world. From the moment you raise your hand and join the military you do as you are instructed at any time to complete any mission during the time allotted, once completed whoever at the time has to report back to the Chain of Command. The chain of command is extremely important. The importance of the chain of command is that it provides stability inside the work place for when incidents come about that need to be dealt with it sets up the structure for which you report all good and bad thing accidents mistakes tardiness and so on. all incidents in essence are intended to be dealt with on the lowest level before it is brought up to higher personnel as well as other reason's such as it helps build leadership responsibility and common knowledge of how to run a stable work place such as the leadership aspect it helps people who are or would not normally be able to take control of situations and control how things are ran   they can take control and help whoever it is with the problem When it works well. When it doesn't work right, leadership is ineffective and some personnel end up doing other people's jobs for them. And can also lead to some sever consequences for the soldier or personnel. The Army has only one...
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