Ch 10 Dbq Ap World History

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Shelby Cook
AP World History

Many different aspects help to shape the Modern Olympic Movement. They all helped to form the Olympics we know today. The political controversies, social issues; including discrimination among sexes, and the economic boost were all three big factors in shaping this movement from 1892 to 2000. The idea of the Olympics was not completely accepted in all governments. Many members of the Modern Olympic Movement were trying to persuade their countries of the benefits of the Olympics. As shown in document one, the author’s purpose was to sell the idea of the Olympics to the athletic Society of France and show that it would serve as a unifier of the country. It was also a chance for the countries to make a statement to other countries that they might want to prove something to as supported by document four. The Olympics also served as a way to unite and boost countries and help them recover from hard times which is shown in document five. The Olympics with its country strengthening powers also brought some aspects that could cause social controversies. The idea of women participating in the game was not accepted first but as time passed women were allowed to represent for their countries, as shown in document two, the author is trying to help develop the number of women in the Olympics and inspire other female athletes. The women who participated were empowered and filled with confidence in and for their countries which inspired and ignited patriotisms throughout the various countries, supported by document eight. But sometimes the aspect could be used in the wrong ways. As described in document three, some countries would try to win at any cost in order to show their power and supremacy. The success of the teams would sometimes reflect the social values of each county, as supported in document ten. One aspect that greatly aided countries was the economic boost. All countries would receive some form of...
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