Greek Olympics

Topics: Ancient Olympic Games, Olympic Games, Greece Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Greek Olympics

The Greek Olympics were the building blocks for the modern day Olympics. The Olympics started in 776 B.C. and began to see who the best athlete was in all of the city states of Greece. Even during war time the Athletes were safely able to travel to the Olympics. There are many games that we have in our modern day Olympics that were used in the Ancient Greek Olympics such as Wrestling, Boxing, Sprint, Long jump, Boxing . The Olympics were not just about games it was also a religious festival filled with traditions. The Greek Olympics set many traditions that will be around in the Olympics for many years to come. The games of the Olympics were the biggest part of the Olympics. The games started in 776 B.C .The Olympics were said to prove who the best athlete was out of all the Greek city-states. There were multiple games that we still have in our modern day Olympics. The games ranged from boxing and wrestling, to long jump and running. Any free man that could speak Greek would be able to participate. Women were able to participate in later years where they would make their own Olympic games. The games at one point only had one game which was the sprint and from there on they would add many more games on. During the games the athletes participated nude. Women could not even go to watch the games because it was not acceptable to view the nude male bodies. To have the Olympic Games you must have athletes, there were many famous athletes that participated in the Greek Olympics.
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