Censorship of Tv, Why?

Topics: Censorship, Watch, Freedom of speech Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Television is one of the most watched outlets for people to relax. Everyone watches it, though not everyone realizes the effect it has on them as they "relax." Since t.v. is watched by adults and children, lets face it, of basically all ages, the content shown should be suitable for everyone. People have very different views on this subject, i have a few of my own, but my thought coincide more with the argument of censorship.

I believe that television should be censored. Everyone, not just children pick up things from t.v, and parents should not have to worry about what programs the family chooses to watch. Yes, its true there are parental codes, but i've seen time and time again teens, even young children break those codes or simply find a way around it. Whether its bad language or bad actions, television has an overall bad effect on society.

Children are the future, this is true, so they should grow up to their fullest potential and learn new and skillful things for the future, not negative actions. Little kids pick up everything they watch and listen to, and television teaches them certain things are ok because a famous person does or says something. For this reason television should be censored. At least place more inappropriate programs at night when children are sleeping. Teenagers, not only little children are affected by the overlooked aggression of television swell. Movies and television programs show violence, stealing, gangs, and cussing. The majority of teens spend much of their time watching t.v. and spend the rest of it acting on what they see it seems like. Everything should be closely censored and if it was maybe youth today wouldn't act out as much trying to reenact things they see.

When it comes to censorship, another topic that comes up is human rights and freedom of speech and such. Like everything else though, there are loop holes and ways to get around things like that, not completely but enough to do more good than harm. People need...
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